• FI – Financial Independence
  • RE – Retire Early
  • FIRE – Financial Independence + Retire Early, embracing the reality that FI is needed to RE.

Flavors of FI

These are the TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) versions, read more about them here.

  • CoastFI – Build up enough of a portfolio that you can stop contributing today and it’ll grow large enough by the time you want to retire.
  • BaristaFI – Similar to CoastFI, except there’s an explicit call-out that one could take a lower paying job that offers healthcare (such as a Starbucks barista), removing one of the larger costs that would normally need to be paid if one were retired.
  • LeanFIRE – You have optimized for a small budget and are able to retire with a relatively lower portfolio.
  • FatFIRE – You have a large enough portfolio that you could retire and spend without holding back and not need to budget for it.



  • HODL – Originating from the crypto currency market, it’s a fun term that encourages you to hold your investment rather than sell now.
  • YOLO – “You only live once” – often used to describe a trading strategy with high-risk high-reward.
  • VTSAX / VOO – Some favorite indexes often talked about (VTSAX = mutual fund, VOO = ETF)


Family situation

There are a TON of versions of these, I’m only going to include a few and you can figure out the rest.

  • SINK – Single income + No kids
  • DINK – Dual income + No kids