• Your Money Or Your Life – Pushes the idea that you need to think about your spending relative to hours of your life worked, rather than just dollars.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad – Great story about growing up and having another father figure that he learned from to be financially responsible.


Blogs & Sites

  • Mr. Money Mustache – A classic in the FIRE community
  • minafi – In addition to a blog, hosts content for folks wanting to learn more about FI


  • Graham Stephan – Covers many FI-related topics like real estate, credit card hacking, living within a buget / focusing on savings, etc.
  • One Big Happy Life – They’ve been posting monthly financial updates for quite awhile, along with a lot of other content
  • Next Level Life – Creates educational content about personal finances
  • Dave Ramsey – Bootcamp instructor to get you out of debt
  • WhiteBoard Finance – See the math behind finance decisions


Yes, some of these could be considered competitors to a tool I’m creating. However, each one is used by many and serves different purposes and/or is liked by different people. The best community is one that knows what’s available and chooses what they like. Try them all and use what works for you!

  • Personal Capital – Portfolio aggregation, free-to-use for account aggregation with available investment help for hire.
  • – Account aggregation, free-to-use thanks to ads.
  • YNAB – Focused on helping you budget, using a pretty unique technique.

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