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I always like to see lists of things to compare against both my own learnings and to potentially learn new things. Here’s a small list to check against whether you’re going into your 20’s or really anytime (these types of suggestions just work better if you can apply them early, like most other suggestions).

Here’s the post (check it out on reddit to read the comments and get more opinions on these and other things people wished they’d done in their 20’s):

Here are my answers and thoughts…

  1. Absolutely. Thankfully when I started working this is one of the few things I did to make sure to contribute SOMETHING towards retirement. After all, it’s free money.
  2. Definitely agree, although I didn’t for quite a long time. Roth IRAs can be great vehicles to save money when your current tax rate is less than it will be later on, especially when your earnings are low. I really should have thrown a few bucks in there.
  3. 100%. Although I’m sure it works out great for a subset of people, I personally don’t think I could ever buy a new car. Find a good used model that has a good history of being reliable and save yourself thousands of dollars.
  4. Agree with this one, although I’ll caveat it that you are perfectly fine taking out a low interest loan IF you could have paid for it with cash but want to be more liquid. The real lesson here (IMHO) is to not buy more car than you need, even if you’re not buying new.

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