Successful engineer shares story about wife leaving him | TechLead

The TechLead, for those who don’t know, is a software engineer who sometimes touches on the financial aspects of the trade. He put out a video recently that really highlights the reality of relationships and what can happen. Here’s his story of his wife leaving him:

No matter what happened or who was at fault for what, it’s always sad to hear these stories (if for no other reason than the kid losing a parent).

What can YOU take from this story as you work towards financial independence? Relationships are a living thing. No matter how much success you get along the way, your relationship can fall apart for many reasons. If you want to keep it, you’ve got to work on it. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes both sides need to give and take at different capacities in different times. Sadly, sometimes it can be better for both parties to move on, and that’s okay, because your goal should be to always be improving your life and the lives around you.

Life isn’t always about finances and shouldn’t ever revolve around that. So make sure to invest both in your future financially and emotionally with those around you.

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