I saved $300,000 by 26—and doing these 5 unusual things helped me save like crazy | CNBC

For a preview of what the 5 things are, here’s the TLDR; version:

  1. Stayed in hostels with up to 15 people per room(when traveling), saving an estimated total of $10k
  2. Bought a used car and sold it for profit, netting $1k and 2 years of usage.
  3. Shared a 700-square-foot apartment with their partner. Lowering rent to $507 vs $930.
  4. Switched jobs without all the ‘right’ qualifications, doubled salary from $65k to $130 (this is basically the magic bullet for the savings, the other bullet points are extremely minor)
  5. Picked up a side hustle walking dogs, making up to $2.4k a year.

One thing I try to include as well are any acknowledge ‘privileges’ so as to fairly understand the situation. The main one noted was that they got help for their $21k per year of tuition from their parents and graduated debt-free.

Here’s the full article for those wanting to read the full story: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/11/i-saved-300000-by-26-doing-these-5-weird-unusual-things-helped-me-save-money.html

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