We strongly believe in these values and commit to the promises to uphold them.

  1. Your security goes above all else. We believe in moving fast to provide you the best experience, but security will never be compromised for that. We even have a full page about this commitment.
  2. We are firm believers in being extremely explicit about who makes money from what. We commit to providing all services without advertisements by default. That means that we’ll need to charge something to keep the lights on, but we will stand by that. If we ever offer an option to allow advertising, it will only be opt-in and you will know what you are signing up for and how the advertising is done.
  3. You own your data. We commit to making sure you can always get access to your data however you want it. We will never hold it hostage or delete it without your permission. In the same vain, you can always ask us to permanently delete it.
  4. You are free to come and go as you please. We will never make it hard to get refunds or to cancel.